Lead or Leave - Indiana State House Rally Report

Indiana State House Rally Report -- Lead or Leave

Friends of Lead or Leave, Common Cause Indiana held a rally on the State House steps today to call for an end to gerrymandering in our state. I was honored to join Paul Helmke, the former mayor of Fort Wayne, as one of the event's featured speakers. Influential political columnist Abdul Shabazz interviewed me at length, and I also spoke on the record with WIBC and WRTV.

I've been around long enough to know that State House rallies are great for sustaining momentum among the already "converted," but it's going to take a whole lot more to turn the tide in the Indiana legislature. Remember we're trying to take from the politicians their most precious perk: their ability to design their own destinies.

Still, it was gratifying to know that our efforts are appreciated. To date I have held several one-on-one meetings with prominent labor union officials, advocacy leaders and elected officials. To a person the mission of Lead or Leave is immediately embraced and deeply appreciated.

We're still laying the groundwork for a bigger push. So far, so good.

Again, thank you for your encouragement and support.


Tom Sugar